Can't A Woman Just Ride?

Seriously, can't a woman just ride her bike without having issues up the wazoo? My wonderful husband buys me my first motorcycle, without me knowing how to ride it, and I have had nothing but trouble. She had a brief stint in Michigan over the winter then in the Spring I took her home, trailered her back the whole way. I worked hard, stunk in my MSF course on post, but managed to learn enough to get my license in October of the same year I got my bike. First, there were carb issues, the place I purchased it at was the same place I had it serviced to take care of the gummed up carbs then, I get down to Kansas, rode it five times, and boom!!...problems with the carbs again. She was fixed again, and I took her out today for the first ride since the second time she was all cleaned out.
NOW CAN I HAVE A BREAK!!! Was going great, riding confidently, only stalled out once. I was feeling happy and confident, since I was really nervous to get back on my bike. Well, I'm merrily going along until I say to myself, "hmmm, wonder how fast I'm going?" Look from Raylene, my friend who was in the lead, down to the speedometer. "Well, I know I'm not going zero!" I tell myself. @#$%& another issue yet again! Can a woman just ride her bike? Please? Gremlin bells are gonna be all over that thing...I can tell you right now. So thankfully, I rode between my two neighbors to keep at a steady pace and I made it home...but not before the oil light came on. Yeah, that irked me a little, made me nervous again. So, I'll be keeping my eye on the bike, making sure she stays nice. And tomorrow I'll be ordering the proper cable.

I JUST WANNA RIDE!!! Please, just let me ride.


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