Army Wives?

I’ve taken note of Army Wives, a Lifetime drama about the wives of Army soldiers and the bonds they form and the hardships they face. I’m still at odds as to what I think of this television series. I seem to be hooked, and can’t pull myself away whenever it’s on. I am not sure if I am stricken with interest because of the unbelievable melodramatics or because in the heart of the situation there are quotes and ideas that are similar to my life. By now, this military life has become normal even though I haven’t been in the life as long as my husband or many other military families. However, by normal, I mean that it’s just a part of life and a way for us to be able to make mortgage payments and to feed and clothe our children. I am not demeaning my husband’s job in the slightest sense, but we are just ordinary folks situated in less than the “average” situation. I get told often that “I don’t know how you do it” and I think to myself, “because that’s life.”

In regards to the television series, I know that real life isn’t that dramatic, but then I have to chuckle at the dramatics of my own life. The whirlwind way my husband and I reconnected after the three years after we graduated high school together, which is a story worthy of becoming a great novel in my opinion. Then there’s our daughter being born in the bathroom of our little home in Kansas, and the fact that my husband tied her umbilical cord off with 5-50cord or the string of bad luck I’ve had since my husband’s deployment. I tend to remember that true life is stranger than fiction, so once again I am unsure of how I feel about Hollywood putting it’s two cents into the lives of military families. Should I be thankful that there is light finally put on military spouses and the sacrifices they face? Absolutely, but I can’t help to wonder what agenda this little drama has in store for the future. Perhaps I am cynical in regards to Hollywood, but I still can’t help to keep my television locked onto the show whenever it’s on. Even though, I feel sadness overcome me when I think of my husband far away from me. And perhaps that's what really perplexes me, the fact that even though this show fights to show the real situations we all go through as military wives, those on the outside of military live will never fully understand what our lives truly feel like.

So, as a side you baby!!! Miss you!!!


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