Ah, let the road be your guide...

Today was a hot day, a sweaty and very sticky hot day in the great state of Kansas. I am a beginner motorcycle rider, and to ease my husband's mind every so slightly, I wear a leather jacket and helmet. Now, let me admit, being a new rider does inspire me to don the appropriate apparel, but my goodness, I thought I was gonna pass out from the heat alone this afternoon. I guess I have a while to go before the heat doesn't bother me anymore. My friend's husband teases us about being "fair weather riders" and hey, it was fairly hot out today. Though, I will admit, it's not as hot as Kansas is known to get.

We started our ride in our town of residence then headed into a town called Chapman. They've recently be devastated by a tornado and I was humbled by the sights around town. *pictures above are from Chapman* I am use to driving through this town on my way to see my husband while he's at work. It's on Old Highway 40 going east from where I live. I am used to driving into town and see the school on my left hand side...I am use to driving through the town like it's just a normal part of my day. The high school I spoke of is still there, the remnants of the structure, but it's in shambles. I am not from Kansas, so the thought what a tornado could do is a new concept to me and to see it first hand was remarkably humbling. I was with my family when we heard the sirens and had to go into shelter, but nothing, thankfully came of the tornado warnings in my town. However, I am just amazed that a few towns over had to deal with such loss of structure, of home.

We headed the rest of the way down old highway forty to Milford Lake Road then on to highway 18 which is hilly. To all those who have never been to Kansas, yes, there are hills, rolling hills. The wind has the potential to whip you around, which thankfully I didn't experience this all to often. As I have stated before, it gets hot, up in the 100s, but it's not a humid hot, it's a dry hot. Through hills, behind dump trucks, we made our way to Fair Rd. and on home from there. It was a hot ride, but a good ride. It was about an hour and a half motorcycle ride. My nerves still have the best of me whenever I ride. I am waiting for the time when I am able to just be on my bike, to ride with ease as my husband does. To stop worrying about being perfect and just to be able achieve peace. To be fair, however, I've had quite a bit of trouble with the blasted motorcycle since getting it, but nonetheless, I love it!!! It was most gracious of my husband to buy it for me. I consider it a "going away" present...cept he was the one who went away.

Until the next ride. I'll keep you posted...we'll see where the road takes me next.


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