On a Totally different Note...the other Military Wife

If there is one thing that I have learned, is that there a two different military wives. There is the ever devoted wife, such as myself, who never lets the thought of lying enter her mind. There isn't a moment that goes by that I don't think of my husband. There isn't a moment that goes by where I don't make a list or print off recipes of things I know he'd like me to cook for him. I dress in sweats most days, stay at home to take care of our children, do college work, and/or clean house...and the last thing I desire is the attention of another man. Though I crave my husband's touch and long for the time when we'll be able to sleep in the same bed...shhh...other things I crave as well ;) I can survive until the day he will be the one touching me again. I am devoted to my husband, I respect the vows I made, for better or for worse means something to me, to us. However, there is the other military wife, for which I am not to be confused with. I cannot make mention of the wives I have heard of nor the amount of future divorced soldiers walking around my husband, which rarely, but so slightly creep their stories into my husband's brain. I speak to you, the wife who dares resort to cowardly behavior, asking for a divorce while your husband is serving their country. I speak to you, the wife who sleeps around on her husband without a thought to the piercing sadness it will cause in another human being. I speak to the wives that dare bring down my name or the names of other devoted military wife who stand by tirelessly while their husband's do their jobs. I cannot begin to express the utter disgust I have for someone who would bring another man around their children, so effortlessly that it's like bringing in a clean pair of underwear off the line. I stand proud, knowing that I have been there, that I am helping to make a difference in the world by supporting my husband, giving him reasons to smile. I am a great wife, and I smile everyday and sleep with a light heart because I am not you. When my husband comes home, when he holds me tight he will know that I will return his embrace with full gusto, that his children have heard great stories about daddy about how he loves them. He will know that his home, the home he bought for us, is standing in full honor and not shrouded in lies or mistrust. My greatest crime is the house not being as clean as it should be. Let it be know, you reep what you sew. And as a side note to you, husbands whose wives have hurt you...not all woman are the same, we cannot all be created equal. Guard your heart, think with your brain, and remember that love is a choice. I love my husband more than my own life, but it's not love alone that drives my devotion. And now I am off, to take a nap while our two children sleep away, otherwise, I will never catch up on sleep.

To you I stay true, for there is nothing else I want to do


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