Ode To My Husband

Have you ever met a person who's smile made you all warm and fuzzy inside? I have. His name is Michael, that's right honey, I used your name in full :) And let me tell you a few things about this man. He's sweet, but not in a mushy gushy type of way, I meanshe's genuinely sweet (not supposed to let everyone else know that either, sorry honey, your secret's out). He has an innate sense of finding just the right words at just the right time or performing just the right actions at just the right times and each time, I am stunned to silence. I still remember him pulling me close, holding me tight, a feeling that I haven't felt for a long while now. I love his smile, I love the way he pledges his undying love and devotion to me, I love the way he hugs our children, I love his cool under pressure, I love how he laughs and the way I feel when I hear him in joyful laughter, and lest I not forget, I love how he loves me. If everyone could see the man I see, he'd never get a moments rest for my husband is a beautiful person. I honor him with the entirety of my being. I would wait for years upon years if the end result would lead me to him; he is the man that makes me feel like a princess or better, a queen. He makes me feel like I am the smartess, the prettiest, and the funniest woman that ever walked the face of the earth. It has not all been easy, we have fought and found our way to each other time and again yet I pray each day for his safe return to me. I love this man who is the father of my children. I love this man who can drive me to such frustration and such happiness in the mear span of seconds. Love is a funny little thing, devotion is even funnier yet for it's devotion that drives my heart everyday...I am devoted to a man who means life for me. I am happy being his wife.


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