A Little Princess and Her Shoe Fetish

In the time span that I've been a mother, I have become aware of the difference between boys and girls. My son, from the start, was interested in either unisex toys and games or outright boy toys, his favorite toy from the start was a ball. Nowadays, he crawls around the house with his Hot Wheels, often making a reving engine noise a bit too loud for the comfort of my ears. Now, I must admit, our daughter follows suit, stealing her brother's toys quit often. It's a neverending battle, the battle of the toys where no one every truely will win the war. However, our little princess, the little angel that she is, has a fetish...a shoe fetish. I don't know how many times I can place the household's shoes by our back door where they belong. I find shoes in the toy box, I find shoes in the middle of the floor, I find shoes in shoes, and by golly, if she could, she'd take shoes to bed. When she's really lucky, she'll sneak into my room right behind me as I put laundry away and start taking out my shoes from my closet. And it doesn't matter who's shoes they are, her brother's, her grandma's, or even grandpa's; she'll wear them all just the same, scooting around the house. And don't expect to take them off her feet and find that she's honky dory. Oh no, she'll whine until you put them right back on her little, skinny feet. Now I gather that girls are supposed to be into shoes, but really, at age one? Is she supposed to make it so difficult to find just one pair of shoes to put on her feet before heading out for the day? One things for sure, it gives me a laugh, thinking of her father and his reaction when he comes home, seeing his little girl on a fake cell phone, wearing her mommy's high heeled shoes. I'm sure it will go great with her baby blue angel eyes, and the way she works her magic over people, especially when she knows she's in trouble.

Note in photo included...she can even match her shoes to match her dress. The bandana is something she pulled out an wanted on her head.


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