A Little Funny...a t-shirt I came across

Ten Ways To Annoy an Army Wife

1. As soon as you find out her husband is deployed make it a point to tell her exactly how you feel about the war and how WE shouldn't be over there.

2. Follow that up by asking her how she feels about the president.

3. Look surprised and say, "I don't know how you do it. I could never LET my husband do that."

4. If she's pregnant be sure to ask if the military is going to send her husband home for the birth.

5. Tell her she should really consider getting additional life insurance since her husband has a good chance of getting killed.

6. Remind her how lucky she is that her husband gets all that tax free money while he's deployed.

7. Try to relate to her by saying you know just how she feels because your husband was out of town on business for a week last month.

8. Ask her how she can be faithful for 15 months and is she worries about her husband cheating on her.

9. Inquire to whether or not her husband has killed anyone.

10. Be sure to ask her when her husband comes home if he's done with the military of if he has to go back.

Again, there were on a t-shirt I came across. Thought it'd be funny to post. I haven't heard every comment on the list, but I have heard a few. I'd like to add one myself.

11. Be sure to keep making mention of how you'd never be able to survive being separated that long and that you don't know how she does it. Repeat this five times in a row, just in case you don't feel that she's fully understood what you've said. And if there is a need, get really close to her and rest your hand on her shoulder.


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