The light bulb that saves energry.

Yeah, that's right, three blogs in one day. What can I say, I am on a role. It will slowly be less and less as the summer approaches. I have college coming up soon, starting in June. I am online with the hubby now, he's making a cake, so I have a few seconds to scribble a few more ideas down before they float away. We're talking about the new light bulb I put in the lamp beside our computer desk. It's supposed to save energy and last up to six years. I've really been getting on the recycling and energy saving kick. Now if I can just get to the recycling center here in town, we'll be doing fine. My poor dining room has become a plastic, cardboard, paper santuary. I have yet to turn on the air conditioner...thankfully it hasn't reached the high Kansas' temps yet. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, I am gonna grill some steaks up at the house. I hope the weather won't be as muggy as it has been lately. Ut oh...daughter has dropped bowl from her high chair...I love her little "ut oh" if her daddy could only hear her. Well...gotta go...


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