In The Beginning

I am not sure where to start. I have so much stuff that I wanna say and share and so little knowledge at how all this really works. Right now I have a very tired little girl tugging at the side of my shorts. She's upset with me for not helping put her sandals on. Ah, I suppose I should elaborate on that little girl tugging at my side. She's Care Bear, as her daddy nicknamed her before birth, and she is a little spit fire. She has her daddy's magical blue eyes and his smile which hits right to the center of my heart each time she smiles. What makes her so interesting is her entrance into the world. On the bathroom floor of our three bedroom home just two short hours after Christmas was officially over. I laugh as I think back to my husband and his look of shock as he saw her little head crowning between my legs. Ah, what a way for a husband to interact with his wife, delivering their daughter. And being the military soldier my husband is, he tied the umbilical cord off with 5-50 cord. What can I say, my life is fully of laughter and adventure. Stay tooned...some excitement is always around the bend.


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