Good Night My Love

Good night my love, I am off to bed. I am not sure when this time I will get to sleep. I have children to tend to in the morning, but that doesn't bring slumber any faster. I am off to our room, with our pictures, our dresser, and that bed we bought on our wedding day. I am off to curl up on your side of the bed and snuggle down to the air around me. I am going to dream about the day I will see you again, be held by you again, and at long last, be in the same time zone as you again.

Yes, good night my love, I wish you were here. I wish I was helping you place out your clothes for the next day of work. I wish you were there in the morning, kissing me good-bye before you drive off for another long day. Yet, for now, I will go brush my teeth alone without you standing beside me, making funny faces in the mirror at me. For now, I will wear your t-shirts to bed, so as to find some way to feel near you again.

On this spring night, I leave you with this virtual kiss. I will dream of the day where before drifting off to slumber I give you a kiss and say "good night, I love you."

I love you Michael.


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