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Thank You

Clips of Christmas 2008

The Rice Family

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100th Post!!!

Thanks a Bunch!!!

He's Home

Come Home!!!

Tick Tock

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Extra Extra More Photos!!!

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Patiently Waiting

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If I Could Be...

Formaldehyde Will Not Stop Me

Time is...

Pumpkin Pazoola!!!

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Not Much

Happy Birthday My Love (September 25th!!!)

New Beds

In the Gang (August 21st, 2008)

Out of Bed

He'll Carry Me

The V-Star

The Roadstar

They were together again!!!

From Philosophy 101

I've Been Away, I Have A Good Reason

Rough, Tough, and Tattooed

Little Miss Sweet and Sour (I simply couldn't resist)

Had To Get In

This Song Makes Me Think of You

Around The World (okay, just the neighborhood)

Mini Cinderella

Hey, It Was a Good Ride

Funny Things I Get to Tell My Husband...

These Shoes are Made For Living

Budweiser, the Great "whose" Beer?

Don't Eat the Paper! That's a Fortune Cookie!!!

I'm BACK!!!

Couldn't Put Humpty Together Again...Huh?

It Came Before it Left

Between the Hazzy Vision and Thumping Forehead

He He He, oh those silly comments

They're Gonna Always Be My Babies

And They played...