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Drawing the Spiritual Line

“’Holy Rollers’ that’s why my mom would call those people,” a dear friend of mine said when I was leaning on her shoulder and talking about what someone had said when I began talking about my mother’s illness at work one day. I have had some statements made to me regarding my mom that have caused me to laugh and shake my head (maybe only inside), but if I was not as strong of a woman as I am and in touch with God, I would be ruined. Listen, Jesus and I are really tight, we don’t talk as often as we should, but that is most certainly my fault and not His. So what was it that sparked this post, a sense of fear I suppose. I cringe inside when I hear some people speak so strongly about their beliefs without even considering where the other person is with his or her faith. I am really happy that people hold such gusto for God, and believe me, I do! What worries me is the individuals who speak without thinking first about who their audience is. I am speak about those who have told me that…

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