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Getting Comfortable with Psychotherapy

What does this even mean? Well, I can officially say that I have been on the giving and receiving end of psychotherapy and I want to give a few pointers from both ends on how to make the most out of your therapy experience.

First and Foremost, please give therapy a try is you feel like you are struggling with any form of mental health even if you cannot put your finger on it, give it a shot. You will be surprised with how much you learn about yourself. I feel like the mental health field is growing in truth, which is making mental health professions more of a legitimate field.

1. Let's be honest here, mental health is a real thing. The brain is a powerful organ in the body that holds A LOT of power over the body and let's also be real about the truth that we are not even sure how to unleash all its power. Doesn't it make sense to reach out for help to attempt to make sense of how this organ works.

2. When you are searching for a mental health professional, let me give y…

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