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I enjoy putting together parties and gatherings. The first one I want to document is our ten yer vow renewal ceremony:

Happy Ten Year Anniversary: Vow Renewal

There are many reasons why a couple may want to renew their vows. My husband was in the military when we were married, and he was stationed in Fort Riley, KS. This meant that when we decided to get married, we didn't want to wait for his leave time to come up just to go back to our home state. So, we were married in a courthouse about 30 miles outside of post with none of our family around or even proper groomsmen or bridesmaids. So, after enduring and thriving through ten years together, we decided it was time to share our love with our family.

First consider what type of event you want. We decided to go with something very intimate, which meant only inviting our parents, grand parents, and a few select friends. Yes, we did not even invite our siblings because we have quite a few of them, and we feel this time is best suited for those we are closets to. This is not a reflection of them, but of how my husband and I view our relationship. We figure this is our time, and we will celebrate with joy in anyway we feel is best for us.

Other things to consider:
head of event
place settings

My husband and I knew right away that we wanted an intimate gathering, and we knew that we didn't have a particular pastor or clergyman to run our ceremony. However, we did have to older children, one in middle school and the other in upper elementary. So we decided to have each child read something for us.

Table Settings and Decorations: I would say our theme was country chic
This is our cake table it is adorned with original wedding photos and our love letters from during my husband's deployment

Each glass bottle represents someone who is one this list, for empty is the space in our hearts like the openness of a bottle. List the names of individuals who could not attend due to death or illness

We chose to use a dinner wear set with mix and match white and silver on it. We had a tub of water to set the dishes when our guest were done. 

Program of our ceremony: Homemade to save cost

Printed on sketch paper, had a brown tint to the paper and black and white ink

We wanted to include our guest in our "kiss" so we had them read scripture from the Bible. This would work with any special quote or passage. We read with them up to a certain point and then it was our guest who announced our kiss.

Master and Mistress of ceremony: Our older children

Our Vows: We wrote vows for each other. It is important to note that we each had a page of vows, but not all were vows (i.e. I promise to) but were thoughts and feelings we had towards each other.

Our Vow Renewal Family Photo:

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