Let Me Introduce Myself

I am Sara, a proud wife of an Army Veteran for over a decade. I am also a mother of 4 children who range in age from middle school to tiny toddler. I am posting my experiences as not only a student, but wife, mother, and care giving daughter to my mother with FTD. I am certified in Marriage Works, Acute Stress, Grief and Trauma as well as Trauma Care with Military Application. My counseling focus is on marriage and families as well as active military family challenges and transition into the civilian world.

I am currently a graduate student at Liberty University in the Professional Counseling Program. It was at Liberty where I earn my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I have interned at Pine Rest Psychological Consultation Center where I gained a multitude of information on testing and ADHD.

Little bits of information about me:

I have gone through two deployments and one long term separation with my husband.

Our youngest daughter was an extreme surprise child who came to us after I underwent a permanent birth control method

With a full house, we still manage to get out as a family, and enjoy as much low cost activity as possible.

We are setting out on a new endeavor of learning and starting and organic farm

I was diagnosis with PTSD after a traumatic car accident

I am Christian

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