Friday, December 26, 2008

Thank You

As you may very well be able to see, our children do not go without for Christmas. Thanks in part mostly to their grand parents, great grand parents, and aunts and uncles who spoil em rotten. Thank you all so much for the wonderful gifts. I'll be sending out cards to give our many thanks here shortly. Until then...thank you...and Happy New Year.
P.S. I'll be setting up a new album after we open Carolyn's birthday gifts and have some birthday cake. Love you all!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Clips of Christmas 2008

Making Christmas Cookies

A few of Michael's Nutcrackers
2008 Rice Christmas tree

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Rice Family

I added another album to the mix of Rice family photos. They're our family photos, so please...take a look and enjoy!!! It's nice to have the family all together again. The best Christmas present EVER!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Wonders of Christmas to Little Ones

Our beautiful babies looking at all the Christmas decorations at the mall.

I am so excited about Christmas this year. It's all about family...about the smiles and laughs, and all the wonderful smells of baking and all the joys of decorating the tree together. It's a real time for family.

Friday, December 5, 2008

100th Post!!!

It's finally December!
It's hard to believe that it hasn't been a month yet since my sweetie has returned home from Iraq. Things are going great with him home. Lately, he's been out hunting every day since opening day a few days ago, and I'm happy about that. He's been unable to hunt for nearly five years due to his duties with the Army, and I think he's due for a little relaxation or at least to do something he enjoys. He's in new terrain this time around. He's used to woods for miles and miles, not fields and fields for miles and miles, but I have faith he'll be successful. I really want him to come home with something, I know it would just make him so happy and anything that makes him really happy, makes me really happy.

Coming up this Sunday will be Grey's preschool Christmas program and I am really looking forward to that as well. It'll be so nice to have daddy home to watch these little events that go on with the kiddos. It'll be nice to be a family, spending time together...even dinner time has become a wonderful time of day again. I'll tell you, it was wonderful being a family for Thanksgiving. I kept thinking that I was living a dream or something, but there my husband sat beside me, a plate loaded full of Thanksgiving goodies...he he's like he hasn't eaten real food in a long time.

Lately, for me, life has been filled up with finishing my college classes, housework, kiddos of course, and now, the hubby, so I haven't had much time to write anything on the blog. A few days ago we got my hubby's 78 Ford out of storage. We have a few Christmas decorations up, but have yet to get our tree. I'm bugging the hubby for us to go get it sometime next week and he agreed of course, but we'll still have to find time to get it. Also, I was told that I could get a family picture of us done on Sunday too, so I am really crossing my fingers on that one as well.
Happy Holidays to everyone, and a very Merry Christmas, to whatever religion you are. I leave the politically correctness to someone else.