Sunday, July 6, 2008

He He He, oh those silly comments

So our son informed his grandmother the other day that when daddy gets back, he's getting another baby. Even better yet, the other day, while I was watching "Lullaby Time" yet another great movie from the Baby Einstein collection, he informed me that he wished he could have that baby...the tiny little angel fast asleep in a bassinet. Hmm, I beginning to see a pattern here.

When I asked, to his wanting the baby, "you do?"

He informed me, "yeah, I want a boy and a girl and another boy and a girl..."

So the total new babies he wants either equals a brother and sister or four more babies altogether. He he say the funniest things. There certainly isn't going to be a baby when daddy gets home unless our four year old son knows something I don't.

See honey, isn't he the funniest little guy?

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