Monday, July 28, 2008

This Song Makes Me Think of You

It's a good ole classic Elton John Song, but it fits perfectly:

I Guess That's Why They Call it The Blues

Don't wish it away
Don't look at it like it's forever
Between you and me I could honestly say
That things can only get better

And while I'm away
Dust out the demons inside
And it won't be long before you and me run
To the place in our hearts where we hide

And I guess that's why they call it the blues
Time on my hands could be time spent with you
Laughing like children, living like lovers
Rolling like thunder under the covers
And I guess that's why they call it the blues

Just stare into space
Picture my face in your hands
Live for each second without hesitation
And never forget I'm your man

Wait on me girl
Cry in the night if it helps
But more than ever I simply love you
More than I love life itself

* I am more in love with you than before you left. I love you, I love you, I love you, oh and I love you!!!

Around The World (okay, just the neighborhood)

Click on the title above to take you to more photos of the kiddos!!

The kids and I have been pretty mellow lately, nothing too wonderful happening down here in the big town. I did have to show off our children's beautiful smiles. God, I love being a mommy, looking at those sweet innocent faces and knowing I get to be a part of that. The other day Carolyn

decided that she was going to splish splash in the toliet. I thought we were past that stage, but apparently, I was wrong. She got to the point where she comes to me when it's time to change her diaper (after asking her to come that is), but I take what I can get. Grey's been doing rather well with his irritations, meaning he doesn't throw as much of a fit after his sister takes his toys or wants to play with him. He started pulling the, "you just don't love me no more" bit, but we all the know the truth here. He even told Raylene that after she put him in time out. Now he's crawling around the house, being a dog again. He wanted to eat dinner like a dog, but I had to inform him that he must eat dinner like the little boy that he is.

Yesterday we had a thunder storm and Grey asked if daddy was going to shoot the thunder out of the sky. I thought that was so precious. It'll be great to see the excitment on their faces when they see daddy home. It'll be kept a secret until he actually gets here with us.

One of my favorite songs from Plumb, speaks to my heart whenever I hear this song.

Your baby blues, so full of wonder

Your curly cues, your contagious smile

And as I watch, you start to grow up

All I can do is hold you tight

Knowing clouds will rage in

Storms will race in

But you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down

Waves will crash all around

But you will be safe in my arms

StorybooksAre full of fairy tales

Of kings and queens

And the bluest skies

My heart is torn just in knowing

You'll someday see

The truth for lies

When the clouds will rage in

Storms will race in

But you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down

Waves will crash all around

But you will be safe in my arms

Castles they might crumble

Dreams may not come true

Cause you are never all alone

Cause I will always

Always love you

Hey I

Hey IWill love

Clouds will rage in

Storms will race in

But you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down

Waves will crash all around

But you will be safe in my arms

In my arms

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mini Cinderella

The other day our pretty little girl decided that she was going to clean the floor. All this started when she leaned over a touch too far and water spilled from her green water bottle. Our neighbor decided to teach our little girl the ethics of cleaning up a mess if you make it. It's all went great the first time, she took the paper towel, cleaned up the spilled water, and threw her paper towel in the trash. Well, she decided that it was fun, cleaning up water from the floor, so she tipped over her water bottle yet again and Raylene gave her another paper towel. It took about five minutes to get the paper towel back into the trash the second time around.

Hey, It Was a Good Ride

So nothing too new has been up in the great Midwest. Took the bike out the other day to practice some clutch work, and I'm thrilled at the results. I didn't stall out once! Okay, I lied, I stalled out in the driveway on the way back....half way up...cause I got all excited and ahead of myself. I headed out to practice near the local chocolate factory then decided to take a quick ride to the next town over. It was about ninety or so degrees, not too bad, but it was alright.

Now, to illustrate how human I am, I was heading back towards the house, and just about ready to turn onto the street I live down. Well, the wonderful county is digging up the sides of the road...plowing it or whatever it is they're doing, throwing dirt into the road. Well, me being the beginner I got nervous making the right turn onto my street, went too wide (turning on dirt freaks me out!!), and ended up in the culvert riding up over someones driveway. But no worries, I kept the bike upright and my wits about me. That's likely the reason I stalled out halfway up the drive. The bike is doing well, took my rowdiness like a champ. I know, I am so nervous about sharing that bit of dorky information, but I'm a beginner, and I am learning as I go along.

The thrill of riding hasn't reached its full potential for me yet. I'm so nervous when I get on my bike, wanting to do the best I can. I'm excited and so nervous to ride with my husband. Goodness...hope I don't look like a dork...okay, I'll look like a dork I am sure, but hope I do well.

Until then...the next ride is coming up in a few days. I cannot wait!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Funny Things I Get to Tell My Husband...

Yesterday Raylene came over to help rearrange the house, since the folks moved out. Grey told her that he wished he could have a tattoo like her, she has three total. Raylene wasn't so sure what to say.

On one arm she has a dragon and she was sitting on the floor, talking to our youngest. Then all of the sudden, Carolyn started growling at her arm. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. It was a deep, loud growl, something you wouldn't expect from a one year old. Ah, she's the comedian of the family.

These Shoes are Made For Living

"God will never give you more than you can handle", my best bud has said time and again when speaking about our hardships.

Through this long journey God has been leading me down, I've had my best bud right next door, lending me her ear when I need it. We've formed our own little "motorcycle gang" since we learned how to ride at the same time, literally, she let me borrow her bike to take the motorcycle endorsement test. I'm not gonna speak of the hardships bestowed upon me, cause I've learned by now, that I'm growing from them little by little. She's right, God won't give you more than you can handle.

Most folks don't know what life it like with a child with a disability, and most aren't even too familiar with Autism. Well, my best bud is, her youngest child has the disorder, a little boy who loves trains and dinosaurs. I've been roared at more times then I can count on my occasional visits, and I've probably spotted more trains and little dinosaurs in one square foot then I'll ever see the rest of my life. I can admit, that before meeting Raylene, people with disabilities was an area I was so unfamiliar with and uncomfortable. It's normal human nature to fear the unknown, but I can say, I'm not so scared anymore. Sure, there are things about her "little man" that I don't understand, but because of this opportunity, I've been given the chance to better my life. I get to experience things many other folks never will. I've told this to her time and again how grateful I am to have this experience to meet her son. She's dealt with headache after headache, but she'd do it all over again in a heartbeat if it means she's a mother to her little boy.

On top of this, she has two other children, who sometimes are more of a handful and fun than should be had. I'm proud of her, and though I'm grateful for the experience, I couldn't imagine trading places or being in her shoes for a day.

Without getting too sentimental, I'm just thankful fer the opportunities God has given me, getting the chance to be outside normal boundaries of life. (if there are such things) This evaluation sums up what I feel about my husband and the life I lead with him. It's terribly hard being without him, my children having to deal with just their mother (boring!!), but there again, I'm learning, and falling deeper in love with the man I married. And so I say to her, even though I can't imagine her headache "what if it all works out?" I'm here to help when I can with what I can.

I love yeah like a sister!!!

P.s. so in this motorcycle gang...should we get matching jackets...he he he? Sorry, couldn't help myself...can't wait to ride again!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Budweiser, the Great "whose" Beer?

Okay, so my husband has brought it to my attention that Budweiser has been sold. So Bud, you gonna take off all them commercials where you state you're the "great American beer?" I get that some folks might not really care as long as the beer taste the same or the price stays the same, but I guess it all comes down to loyalty. I'm not even a beer drinker, but this whole transaction sure left a bitter taste in my mouth, that our economy is so flustered it has to sell off American icons. I dunno, just seems a little sad to me. Besides, now my husband's gotta find a new beer, and who do you thinks gotta hear about that (no offense hubby).

Follow the title above to a link about the actual transaction. It's InBev...same folks who produce and distribute Becks.

I send my sincere regrets that you've lost yer beer my sweet husband...and to you...all other loyal Bud drinkers. I'll get you that stash you asked for sweetheart, I promise.

Don't Eat the Paper! That's a Fortune Cookie!!!

Alright, gotta tell you honestly, I don't have much to really say...cept keep the faith. I know, I gotta tell myself that on occasion, but I believe it. I've got a list of things I've got to work on about myself, a list of things that I've been working on, and a list of things I'm sure to loose along the way. I've been rearranging the house since the folks found their own places here in town. It's been a great way to keep myself busy. Course, I don't suppose I need much of that, busy work, cause I've got plenty. My life's not dull, I can sure say that with full honesty, and I wouldn't change it for nothin.

Oh, thinking about the dern near past year since the hubby's been out of the office :) or maybe he's in the office and refusing to come home. All well, either way you look at it, he's been away for a while, a little too long if you ask me, but I couldn't be more proud of my man, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. I give all other military spouses my love and all PROPS!!! Without speaking about myself, yall rock, for the those that came before me, you rock!!! and for those who will one day fill the military spousal shoes that I fill'll someday rock!!!

By the grace of God, I have been given this chance to learn and grow, to stand by a man who I love more than life itself...minus our beautiful children of course. It's you and me baby!!! the rest of our lives for sure, and it's gonna be tough...emotionally tough...not so sure bout the physically tough part, but I'm sure I'll end up beating you up :)

I send all my love!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm BACK!!!

So I am finally the closest to being myself since I can't remember when. Been dealing with headaches and then prescription drugs and family moving out of the house and blah blah blah you name it. Without going into detail about myself, it was kinda rough for a couple of days and I gotta send my prayers out to those who are on the drug I was on...urgh!

I Just finished a fairly successful Biology quiz and a not so successful Economics quiz, I swear, what I read in the books and what I read on the test and quizzes doesn't seem to correlate. All well, I'll just work harder then I guess. The silence after I get the kiddos to bed really helps. I haven't had that since a little while after the sweetheart went away, but it's bittersweet, I love my folks.

And hey baby, I believe, it's you and me, duken it out, worken it out, stressed out, and maken out just fine together. Just wanted to tell you that. I love you sweetheart. This ones fer you!

Night Night world...I'm going to dream land.

P.s. I put this picture on "my love" to show you how I feel about you...I feel happy, I feel hopeful, and I surely feel giddy like a child.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Couldn't Put Humpty Together Again...Huh?

Okay, so for the fun of it, I put my children's music cd on while we did things around the house. I took to cleaning while the children took to playing with various toys thrown about the house. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but there seems to be more talk of death and cheating in these children's songs than I have heard in recent songs on the radio. Take the song in the title of this post, "Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't put Humpty together again." So, basically he got broke...he got broke really bad. In each illustration we see a fat egg sitting on a wall. Why is there a big egg on a wall? The song never says he's an egg, so what's my child to think? This is already a disaster for any mother who has a child that constantly asks, "why?" Let me list a few other songs that came to mind:

Pop! Goes the Weasel

Rock-a-Bye Baby -"I ask, why is the baby up in a tree?"

Row, Row, Row Your Boat - "I say, could there be an other melancholy song?...Life is but a dream...blah blah blah blah blah..."

Shoo! Fly Don't Bother Me!- "Ah, what a better way to tell someone who likes you to go away."

Found A Peanut- "Poor person eats a peanut off the ground and dies"

There Was an Old Woman- "A woman swallows a fly...then a horse, and dies. First, wow, she's hungry, to eat a horse?"

London Bridges Falling Down- "Need I say more?"

Ring Around the Rosies-"About the black plague"

Clementine- "Woman falls into a river, the guy who's supposed to love her, kisses her sister and forgets all about her. And again...she dies."

So, who better to teach our children about death than a good ole children's rhyme. That's what I say...let the music play on. But oh goodness, when your child asks you to define what's going on in the song...enjoy!

*And I note- read the real Hansel and Gretel...Little Red Riding a few other Grimm's fairy tales and you will learn what stories were really supposed to entertain children or perhaps, they weren't.
possible more on this subject to come :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

It Came Before it Left

I decided that I wanted to get more into my writing again, so I am posting my writing on a blog as well. The title above will link to the new site. I love my husband, I love my children, and I love to write.


Between the Hazzy Vision and Thumping Forehead

I've been given a small break from my headache of the day, so I thought I would sit down and babble about my love, the one true love of my life. It's been odd, how you and I haven't been able to sleep. Kinda like we're connected huh...he he he...well, duh I know. I am just so excited to be seeing you soon. I try not to think of how many days are between you and me, but every once in a while I take a peek at the calendar. I've been running around dealing with our two children, and thinking, "oh God, I can't wait until your daddy gets to see you." I keep thinking of being in your arms and I get so excited I can't stand it! Okay, so I do stand it, cause I'm here. My head is still placed between my two shoulders, though sometimes I wonder if maybe it's ready to float off.

I pray you're having a descent day my sweet husband. God, I love you so much. I am waiting for you and will remain that way until the end of time if I have to. Well, I pray I don't have to :) All well, you know what I mean. I love you sweetheart!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

He He He, oh those silly comments

So our son informed his grandmother the other day that when daddy gets back, he's getting another baby. Even better yet, the other day, while I was watching "Lullaby Time" yet another great movie from the Baby Einstein collection, he informed me that he wished he could have that baby...the tiny little angel fast asleep in a bassinet. Hmm, I beginning to see a pattern here.

When I asked, to his wanting the baby, "you do?"

He informed me, "yeah, I want a boy and a girl and another boy and a girl..."

So the total new babies he wants either equals a brother and sister or four more babies altogether. He he say the funniest things. There certainly isn't going to be a baby when daddy gets home unless our four year old son knows something I don't.

See honey, isn't he the funniest little guy?

They're Gonna Always Be My Babies

The wonders of the modern grocery store. In my day, we had regular shopping carts and you either sat in the top rack where mommy placed you, in the big basket with all the shopping items, or you walked beside the cart, touching nothing. Now a days, they have fancy shopping carts, in the shape of cars. Them blasted things are a blessing and a curse. While it's nice that the shopping cart can hold two or more children at once, they can also be a curse. Take for instance the small shopping trip I took this morning with our eighteen month old daughter. All I wanted was some milk and potatoes. Easy enough or so I thought. The second she spotted them fancy "Rolls Royce" carts a "beater cart" wasn't gonna suffice. So started the crying, so started the refusing to get in the cart, and so started the loud wails through the first half of the store. Now, my heart was breaking, looking at those tear drops rolling down her face, the utter agony of sitting in a regular cart. My best piece of advice to parents with younger kids, no matter how much it pains you, don't give in. I know, the glares of other shoppers can and will sere into your back, but what's more important, keeping other shoppers happy for a short time or your child's well being for the rest of their lives? Now, I concur that if you're in a restaurant and your child is throwing a tantrum you should maybe take the child to the restroom to calm them down and if that still doesn't work, you should probably leave the area all together, but don't give in.

Okay, down off my soap box.

I love my children with my entire being. Their smiles brighten my day and their silly antics make me laugh when usually I shouldn't be. Our daughter is the comedian; she does the silliest things and makes the funniest gestures. While on the other hand, our son is the social "little" man of the family, funny in his own right. He has always welcomed a baby oogler while on the other hand, our daughter stares blankly at them and if it's a male oogler, she's forming tears in her eyes. There are amazing difference between our two children, but they are the most precious gift that I have ever been given. I love em, and no matter how old they are, they'll always be my babies.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

And They played...

We went to our local park for a fireworks display. As I assumed, both the kiddos weren't too fond of the fireworks. One took to crying while the other took to quietly clinging tight to my neck. I suppose by now I am use to this, and I am wondering if I shall take them to see fireworks next year. The answer to that is "most likely", seeing as how my husband likes to get together with his buddy to enjoy some good old fashion "pyro techniques". What is it about lighting things on fire and shooting them in the air that brings out such joy in grown men? All well, as long as he's happy and not burning down the house, I'm okay with it.

Before the show, the kiddos enjoyed playing in the park and wearing themselves down. I am not sure who it wore down more, me or them. After we got home, my son informed us.
"I'm oughta here, Kansas has too many fireworks."
Oh, the poor child :) I suppose one day he'll be right along side his dad, flicking the switch on a lighter and watching the home burned fireworks go shooting in the sky or whirling on the ground. All well, till then, he'll be a little boy not fond of "pop pops" as he calls em. I am in no rush for him to grow up.
I love the Fourth of July. To be honest, I think it's one of my favorite holidays even more so since being married to the military...okay sweet husband :). I get such a sense of pride in our country and yes, gas prices are high and we're spiralling towards a recession (if we're not officially in one already) and a lot of Americans are not fans of our president, but look at the great nation we come from. Everything in this world is not perfect, but it's true, things could be worse. That doesn't mean I believe that we can't make improvements, but it starts right at home, with each and every single American. I was watching Glenn Beck and he stated something along the lines of "we should stop looking towards Capital Hill to fix everything and look into our own lives" after all, a tree starts with a seed. Okay, stepping down from my soap box.
Note* the title above should link to a facebook album of the children playing at the park before the fireworks show. Enjoy!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sing Me Back Home

Here is a song done by my late Uncle Gene. His brother's Duane and Randy are accompanying him on acoustic guitar and steel guitar.

Note* Click on the title. It is a link to the song which is stored on

Another Birthday is Upon Us

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear America....happy birthday to......YOU!

A Life Less Ordinary

Okay, so the title is not original nor is it from my brain, but nonetheless, it is true. I am supposed to be sleeping, snuggled into bed, laying peacefully in the cotton sheets that I will soon be sharing with my husband. It seems to be the norm these days, or the last 300 or so days since my husband has been away, no sleep until the sunlight starts filtering in through the window. By that time, I am dreaming (most good days), but it is not to last as my son pops into the room, all cheerful and ready to greet the day at seven in the morning.

I continue with no more complaints, even though this time around during deployment, I had plenty to complain about. I was watching an episode of Real Americans, which is hosted by Glenn Beck. I wasn't all to familiar with him before sitting down to watch his show earlier this evening, but tonight I was drawn, yet again, to the conclusion that my life is wonderful. He was speaking to an Army Sgt. who had been injured during combat and Mr. Beck spoke to the Sgt. wife with such respect, he spoke to both with such truthfulness and respect, that it brought my heart a flight. And at one point he looked to the Sgt.'s wife and gave her thanks, a true thanks that many military spouses never get. He asked her if there was one piece of information that she could give a wife/husband that was starting out in the journey of being a "military spouse" and she said "stick by, it's worth it". How right she is. How absolutely right she is. I'll be celebrating the birth of our nation with our two children and their grandparents, watching fireworks and singing "America the Beautiful" all while thinking of how my husband's night of sleep is going hundred's of miles away, but through this hardship, through this up hill struggle, I have become this woman I never imagined I would become. I have blossomed into a pillar of strength for my children. I am not here praising myself, but God will not give you more than you can handle and I've had my share of "Oh God really". I cannot speak of utter perfection nor do I deem myself the humblest of all people, but through these last few months, I have truly become happy. I am no where near being happy that my husband is away from me, but look at what we're accomplishing. We've been given an opportunity to learn from this experience...we've been given an opportunity to communicate on levels many married folks will never get, and I've been given this chance to really understand my husband more.

Michael, I am so proud of you. Not just for the service for our homeland, but because you are a real man among impostors. You are my teacher and my best friend. You humble me and build me up to heights unimaginable. You have shown me ways of looking at life that without your tender insight, I would have never been able to see. Many folks will never know exactly what I am talking about with you. They all see that you're a great guy, with your flaws, and they would be right, but they will never look upon you as I do. God has blessed me tenfold. I fear now that my life is so perfect, what could ever match it, but in Heaven, I know that my joy will only increase. Imagine it, how happy we are together with our family on earth, how joyous it will be in Heaven.

So let me say this in full honesty. Life is what you make it. Life is hard, and sometimes a struggle that pushes against you like a storm raging in the sea, but if you choose to make it, you will. Life doesn't have to be led alone, but if you find that your journey is a lonesome path, I swear to you, there is always someone watching out for you. I must say, that I have not lessened my faith, but I am letting it too blossom. "Stick it out" for the truth is "it will be worth it", but it's not all in our time.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Side Note*

He he he...she looks just like her daddy right here. The mischievous smile like something must be up, but she's too innocent to ever participate.

She's Giving Me Trouble

In the last few weeks our beautiful 18 month old daughter has taken it upon herself to fight me on most of what I try to do with her. She's refusing to eat what I give her at any time of the day unless it's milk...she loves milk. And tonight, I tried to put a sock on her foot and she rolled around on me, whining the entire time I tried to dress her. The sock was just the beginning. So thus has starting the real beginning on the "time out" stool. I know she doesn't fully understand what time out means cept she thought it was a game tonight, hopping up off the stool and laughing as I went after her to place her back on the stool. I ended up having to sit behind her for a full minute so that she got (or maybe so) the point of why she had to sit in one spot and couldn't play. Needless to say, I put her right to bed afterwards.

I am not use to having such a little snot of a child. I mean, our son gave me a run for my money, but she seems to be taking the cake. Honey! wait till you get home and can help deal with her. She's on a roll now, and I fear it's only going to end up being more fun than you and I ever expected.

I await your return my partner in crime. Togther we'll teach the little princess who knows how to play the game. Terrible we come :) Though I must confess...she is the most beautiful spitfire I've ever seen. God, I love my two little trouble makers.

In a While

I feel bummed that I haven't had much to ramble about lately. The latest and greatest blonde moment I had was running out of fuel while riding my bike. To be fair, I am a beginner rider, and I thought that there were certain specifics, such as, if you could see fuel in the tank you were still good to go. Oh no, that's not the case...the rest of the tank is reserve...goodness gracious me..I thought I knew about reserve, but God has shown me that I have a little schooling left before calling myself a real biker. "thanks God :)" All well, I learned what a bike feels like when it's run out of gas and that I get maybe get 100 miles to a tank. I figure that's good to know for when I go on the long bike adventure with my husband...which I am over the moon thrilled about. Now, if I just shake my nerves off and practice some more, I'll be good.

I keep imaging seeing my him again, my husband of course, and the pure joy that I am going to feel at first seeing him, the glance alone. I'll probably have an out of body experience, I'll be so excited to be in his arms again I'll just go out of my mind. I know that the kiddos are really looking forward at seeing their daddy again. It will be nice to be a family again...well, a family in the same country :)...We're always a family...from here to eternity.

Our daughter is slowly creeping into the terrible two stage. My goodness, does she cry when she doesn't get her way. Poor little thing is the most beautiful girl every, but she drives me batty when she whines. I suppose that's the two kids in general, crying when they don't get their way. Our oldest has started doing it more because he sees his sister crying. I know he's only playing a game though, and stops when I tell him that time outs right over there, in yonder corner. :) ah blessed time out.

For now I wait for word from my husband, telling me that he's going to be in my arms again soon. I know I will be the nicest person on earth...I'll be on cloud nine. In the time I have before he gets home I fill my days with our beautiful children, housework that never ends, and the stack of homework and reading assignments I have to complete each night. Ah honey, I can't wait until you take me away in your arms or at least until I am able to sleep happily in your arms again. That's what I am looking forward to.

You're the man of my dreams, the charming to my prince....the butter to my toast...the left shoe to my "right" shoe...the yang to my yin...all get the point.

Yours forever and eternity