Friday, December 26, 2008

Thank You

As you may very well be able to see, our children do not go without for Christmas. Thanks in part mostly to their grand parents, great grand parents, and aunts and uncles who spoil em rotten. Thank you all so much for the wonderful gifts. I'll be sending out cards to give our many thanks here shortly. Until then...thank you...and Happy New Year.
P.S. I'll be setting up a new album after we open Carolyn's birthday gifts and have some birthday cake. Love you all!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Clips of Christmas 2008

Making Christmas Cookies

A few of Michael's Nutcrackers
2008 Rice Christmas tree

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Rice Family

I added another album to the mix of Rice family photos. They're our family photos, so please...take a look and enjoy!!! It's nice to have the family all together again. The best Christmas present EVER!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Wonders of Christmas to Little Ones

Our beautiful babies looking at all the Christmas decorations at the mall.

I am so excited about Christmas this year. It's all about family...about the smiles and laughs, and all the wonderful smells of baking and all the joys of decorating the tree together. It's a real time for family.

Friday, December 5, 2008

100th Post!!!

It's finally December!
It's hard to believe that it hasn't been a month yet since my sweetie has returned home from Iraq. Things are going great with him home. Lately, he's been out hunting every day since opening day a few days ago, and I'm happy about that. He's been unable to hunt for nearly five years due to his duties with the Army, and I think he's due for a little relaxation or at least to do something he enjoys. He's in new terrain this time around. He's used to woods for miles and miles, not fields and fields for miles and miles, but I have faith he'll be successful. I really want him to come home with something, I know it would just make him so happy and anything that makes him really happy, makes me really happy.

Coming up this Sunday will be Grey's preschool Christmas program and I am really looking forward to that as well. It'll be so nice to have daddy home to watch these little events that go on with the kiddos. It'll be nice to be a family, spending time together...even dinner time has become a wonderful time of day again. I'll tell you, it was wonderful being a family for Thanksgiving. I kept thinking that I was living a dream or something, but there my husband sat beside me, a plate loaded full of Thanksgiving goodies...he he's like he hasn't eaten real food in a long time.

Lately, for me, life has been filled up with finishing my college classes, housework, kiddos of course, and now, the hubby, so I haven't had much time to write anything on the blog. A few days ago we got my hubby's 78 Ford out of storage. We have a few Christmas decorations up, but have yet to get our tree. I'm bugging the hubby for us to go get it sometime next week and he agreed of course, but we'll still have to find time to get it. Also, I was told that I could get a family picture of us done on Sunday too, so I am really crossing my fingers on that one as well.
Happy Holidays to everyone, and a very Merry Christmas, to whatever religion you are. I leave the politically correctness to someone else.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks a Bunch!!!

These are some beautiful pictures my cousin Terri sent my way. That was so sweet of her to do, and I have to display them for all to see. Thanks again. You can definatly see Grandma Noom when you look at Aunt Pat.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

He's Home

As of 2 am on November 18th, my hubby is finally home. I would have posted sooner, but I've been enjoying having him home once again thought it's definatly something I'm getting use to again, having my partner back. It's really nice! I've added a few photos of his home coming to the Rice photo album. There aren't much of his arrival, but enough to shake a cat at :) The kids are really loving having daddy home. It gives them another person to play with and on for that matter.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

As I currently sit in our quiet home, typing away, I am struck with the reality that he'll be home soon. Pardon this, but damn, I wish there was a way to insert a tracking device into my husband so I knew where he was right now. Ahh, I haven't cried in the longest time, I'm just so on the edge, waiting on word. I have to admit, the waiting, has been the hardest part of this whole deployment. I am not just talking about the past "few" months he's been away, but that moment when you're so close and yet, so far away at the same time. It's like when your parents put the presents under the Christmas tree and you can only sit and guess what's inside those decoratively wrapped boxes. It's like hmm, will the phone call come today, or maybe tomorrow? The phone is ringing...who could it be? For the a brief moment, before looking at the caller ID I have this heightened sense of excitement. Yes, yes, this could be it!

Upon speaking to my husband, the few times I was able to, I told him to stop procrastinating and just come home already that this "extended" vacation has indeed extended itself far too long. He told me, "you know, every time I talk to you, you tell me that." and so I reply, "yes, well, every time I mean it." Ah, my sweet pain in the butt husband!!! I cannot wait to be with you my love.

I cannot wait until I am able to sleep again. Oh, I've taken that daily part of life for granted and I so desire to have it back in tack. It's one in the morning and I can't seem to lie my head down...I can't seem to go to the bedroom either. I'm between watching another rerun of Golden Girls or doing homework, which at this moment neither sound real tempting. Now, I am going between writing this little snippet to searching the internet for anything that will keep my attention. It's in vain of course, I'm just stalling before I finally realize I should indeed GO TO BED. Sigh*

I'm so excited!!!! There's going to be a lot of joy floating around in this house real soon. :) Oh, I cannot wait (though the reality of it is, I have no choice:)~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Come Home!!!

I want you HOME I want you home...Only the Lord knows how much I want you home.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tick Tock

Tick tock...tick tock..time is slowly ticking away, but I think we're making progress...YEAH!!! I am so excited, I cannot wait!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Reasons Why

So, there's been plenty of e-mail circulation about the regards to the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform make for us. I was recently watching and episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" a TLC show that is taped in a wedding dress shop (hmm not sure if that's technical term for a "dress shop"). There was a bride who had bumped up her wedding date due to her Marine husband's unavoidable deployment. Lucky women, she is able to try on wedding dresses, my wonderful husband and I were married in a court house with two other soldiers for witnesses. The wonderful part, "we were married!" Now, believe me, I've had my many moments of desperate negativity. I still pine for the day I am able to walk down the aisle to my prince charming in a beautiful dress that makes me feel like his princess. I thought, hmm, there are so many positives to being a military wife, things that very few peoplewould think of.

1. Moving is part of the job. As in, you go when it's your time to go, but think of the experiences, being in a new places. I have experienced such freedom, such trust in myself being in a home away from our true "home"

2. Utter pride. Many women and men have pride in their spouses, but there is this pride that swells in my heart when I think of my husband's duty. Sometimes I feel inadequate next to him, but then I know in my heart that our children need me like our country needs my husband.

3. Trust. Not all spouses can say they trust their husband or wife from the very depths of their soul. We have been apart through deployments and through other events in our lives, but there is this trust that we have garnered with each other. I pray that spouses can have the trust within their marriage as my husband and I have in each other. (we all know many other miltary spouses aren't as lucky and experience the exact opposite, but stick with me here)

4. Learning. There has been nothing but learning through this relationship with my husband. I've learned about us as a couple, and I've learned about the woman I am. I am a strong, smart, beautiful, and a devoted woman. I am a great mother who has love beyond borders for her children and a wife who will wait up nights, even if it means she can hear from her husband for but a moment.

5. Strength. I have learned, there's that word again, that I have strength I never knew I had. I can take care of things, I can step up and deal with what life had brought me, what life has generously given me.

6. Education. I took some time for myself to further my own education. And walla, I'll be graduating a month after my husband returns from deployment. One day, he will not have all the stress of finding employment on his shoulders alone. I will take care of my husband one day...and buy him another motorcycle (yes, two motorcycles will never hurt) . (P.S. I also took up learning how to ride the motorcycle my husband bought as a going away gift...okay, so it's not technically a going away present, but I still tease him nonetheless. The point is, finding something for yourself through all the chaos)

7. We have been chosen for something greater than ourselves. God has looked down at us, and yes, I truly believe in God's will, and has noted that we will care out great tasks. Someone else may call it what they like, but I am no fool, I know there is a higher power, choosing us to experience a part of life very few get the privilege to experience (the pride, the joy, the sadness, the learning, the love, the trust, and the opprotunites that come if only you release long enough to recieve.)

Don't get me wrong, life with the military can be hard, but before you think it's all horrible, just remember there are positives to everything as well. Sure, my heart aches when I crawl into bed alone each night, but we will be together again real soon. My heart aches at the though of our children without daddy for Christmas or their birthdays, but we have love and we as a family will prevail. Of course, if this was the start of the deployment I'd be singing in another tone (I know better to be honest). But that's the joy of life's journey. Just because you start off one way, doesn't mean you have to end the same way.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Extra Extra More Photos!!!

I have added new photos to the photo album.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Aunt Pat...In a Better Place

So, I've learned today that my aunt Pat (father's sister) passed away. She had been dealing

with health problems the last few months, a turn that very few expected. I suppose with my lack of being with my family other than once in the pass year shouldn't deem me justified to mourn, but I am. She was so healthy the last time that I saw her, and I suppose what gets to me the most is that my husband has never met the great majority of my family, being that I tried to give him all the time I could with his. What I remember the most of Aunt Pat is hearing from my mother how she had been in the delivery room when I was born. At a young age my aunt was stricken with cancer and unable to have children naturally. That didn't stop God from blessing her with a family though. I remember a birthday card from a few years back, reminding me of the fact that she had been there when I was born. It's special to me as it is a memory of her. I'm so bummed ( for lack of a better word), so seriously bummed that I hadn't taken more time to be with my family. The picture from above was at my Uncle Gene's funeral. I spoke with Aunt Pat, as I wanted very much to be seen by my family...want to feel a sense of belonging to my roots. I can't believe I only have a picture of her back, but then, how representative it is of her passing. She's walking away, going up to Heaven.

Uncle Dave, I send all my prayers to you as you battle this and the other hardships and to the rest of the family, I send all my love via the air tonight. I miss you all.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Patiently Waiting

I am a happy woman...why? Soon I will be making dinner for more than two children who rarely eat enough to make a meal worth it. Soon, I will hear those words, "thanks for dinner dear." Soon, I will settle down on the couch after putting children to bed with a man who makes me feel like I am in Heaven. Soon, I will be brushing my teeth beside my best friend. Soon, I will snuggle down beside my room mate, my soul mate and my goodness, we shall hopefully sleep.

What wonderful thing, marriage is, to be given the best friend and lover who is meant just for you. Though thick and thin, I will stand by my man and we will conquer our children or mountains, which likely would be easier. There will be new adventures for us in the future, but if it takes us here or there, it will takes us as a couple. If there is love and devotion and understanding, we will make it. I have never in my life, until you, been so resolved that life will be what it is, what God will make it.

In addition, no one makes me more furious than you, I must add this so there isn't confusion. He he he, you my sweet husband are the whole package. I cannot wait...well, even though I have to. I love you!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Carolyn Show

The beautiful little girl gives us some entertainment. Enjoy, the Carolyn show. Enjoys this grand parents :)

Monday, October 20, 2008


Our two cheese monkeys...with their pumpkins from the Pazoola day at the zoo.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

If I Could Be...

For you I would do anything. I would happily stand behind and let your sun shine. For like the moon, I will have my glow because of your shine.

I will wait.
I will always wait.

Let anyone dare disrespect you or make you feel less than you are.
They will have to answer to me.

I am a very proud wife.
I can hold my head high with dignity. For though I was not born perfect and though I will not die perfect, I will find us perfect together until I draw my last breath.

What you are is immeasurably awesome. What you are is wonderfully intelligent and funny. What you are is charming and loving. You my love take me as I am, refraining from trying to change me.

You can go from me and hold your head up high, knowing that I will be here whenever you return. In hours, months, or years, I will be here for you.

I trust you.

I will comfort you without you having to ask. Baby, I believe in you and together you and I can make it through anything.

I continue to wait for you. I continue to think about all the wonderful things that have yet to come our way, the stories unwritten. I sit at this computer, drinking my raspberry tea, smiling because I am your wife. I am the opposite of unfaithful, for I couldn't dare hurt you. I am the opposite of a liar, for telling the truth to you makes me happy. I am the opposite of all those other spouses we've heard about through this lonely duration. You've made me happy and have given me so many wonderful learning opportunities. Through being with you, I have gained a better understanding of myself and learned how valuable I am. You've given that gift to me, insight, so I could see my own worth. You're right, I could be strong without you, for I am a strong woman, but without you, there might as well be no sun, no air, and no other love for me. After all, there is no comparison to you, my sweet Michael.

We are passion...we are meant by God...we are both stubborn like a pair of blind boars sometimes, but we've got what it takes. Come hell or high water...come happiness and tears...come separation or's you and me babe...through till the end (and then some).

Imagine me, kissing your cheek...kissing your lips after a long day of work. Heck, imagine me kissing you any time of the day, the feeling of closeness that engulfs us. I will close my eyes and press my lips to yours...and all will be right again.

I love you my sweet, sassy, and surely stubborn husband. (oooohh alliteration galore)

P.S. Grey took the photo of me...kinda neat huh.

Formaldehyde Will Not Stop Me

So on my way to my parents house I heard a song on the radio that often reminds me of my sweet husband and our wonderful relationship. My folks just got a new apartment, a tiny wonderuful place wiht character I must say. It's much better than the one they were staying in before (no crazy coot living downstairs). To make a long story short, so I can get to the real point, my husband and I bought them a computer desk for Christmas and I thought an added bonus would be to put it together for them. AHHH!!! Well, I didn't know I was going to be highly allergic to the material it was made out of. It's a Sauder desk, nothing too special, made out of particle board, which likely has formaldehyde mixed in the with sawdust to compound it. I thought I was gonna pass out just putting that thing together, needless to say, breathing wasn't an easy task, but like my husband, I am stubborn. I started a project and I was going to finish it by golly. I must admit I had to take frequent breaks to regain my breath...and upon one moment when I was goign to step out for fresh air, I opened the back door only to find a huge cat...EEK! another allergen for me. Clearly, I was doomed, but as I said, I survived. Now the folks have a new, compact computer desk, which I know they really needed and wanted. It's one less hassle for them.

I should have taken photos of the new apartment...all well...another day.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Time is...

Time is getting shorter now...until my sweet hubby will be with us again. I'm super excited, but to be honest, I don't think about it much. I rarely look at the calendar unless I have to. I've taken a page from my husband's book at have been thinking about all the wonderful things we're going to do together, the joy of our daughter's second birthday. Of course, I ly awake at night just wishing that he could be next to me, holding me, but he'll be with me very soon.

I tell you, it will be great to have a parental partner again against our two little monsters. I love our children with all my heart, but there are days I wish I could say, "honey, help me out here"...of course, I don't have to ask for Michael's help, he gives it without requests...he's just a great hubby like that. I've been busting my tushie with the kiddos, school, and the housework, which has been keeping my mind preoccupied. I've been working on applying for scholarships to continue my education. I've decided on Walden University, which will be a great online university. I've also received an invitation to join Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society for two year colleges, and I'm very happy about that.

Well, I should be off to change a diaper, brush teeth, and bundle up the kiddos so I can take the oldest monster to school. Ut oh, the littlest one is crying now...oh boy...or girl I should say.

I love my life...even with the crying and whining of our two monsters.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Pazoola!!!

We had a great long day today, attending the zoo. They had a special day where the kids were able to pick out pumpkins, play games, and do other kid friendly activities. I thought, "how much I miss Michael", but it wouldn't have been his cup of tea. There were a ton of folks there, and he's not that interested in large groups of people. It was a lot of fun doing things with the kiddos, but I miss being able to experience things with the hubby. Carolyn really loved seeing the animals, but she hung back in the stroller most of the time. We had a beautiful sunny day and were very thankful we arrived early enough to pick out a pumpkin and to experience more things with less folks. Check out the new photos in the photo album.

Friday, October 10, 2008

EXTRA EXTRA read all about it!!

Check it photos on the Grey and Carolyn photo photos, pumpkin patch photos, and trick o treating photos to come in a whole new album.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not Much

I've not had much to talk about lately. The online connection between the wonderful hubby and I has been shut down. YEAH THOUGH!!! Good things are coming for us real soon, like the chance to be together again as a family.

Anywho, I've been busy working on the last two classes until I get my first degree, and then I'm on to another degree, the bachelor's degree in Psychology. I am so excited and very much overwhelemed with all the choices that I have ahead of me. I've finally decided on a college and now I am going to be working on scholarships to pay for my next college load.

Well, my mommy has come down to visit us. She'll be leaving tomorrow morning early, so I am off to spend more time with her. The kids have been enjoying Grandma...making cookies, playing outside, and thankfully, she's been watching the kiddos while I venture off to class. But as I said, I am await my husband's call the next day and to spend lots of wonderful time with our kiddos.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday My Love (September 25th!!!)

And so it's that time of year again my love, time for me to wish you a happy, blessed birthday. Why blessed? Because September 25th is the day you came into this world. We had no connection, I was still in my mommy's tummy, waiting for my own birth just a few months later, but God had a plan for you and I. A plan you and I could never have imagined. We've had a few rough days lately, but it always remains, I could never be more in love with you than I already am yet I still believe it will happen, I will find more reasons to be in love with you and I will fall deeper.

Yet again, another birthday and we're not together. For some reason, you find a way around it, or rather, Uncle Sam has some other birthday event for you, keeping us apart. I made chocolate chip cookies, yer favorite. I imagined you were walking into the kitchen, moving close to me as if you're going to kiss me, but instead, you steal a freshly baked cookie. You mow it down with a smile on your face as we laugh together. I miss you birthday boy!!! I miss feeling you near me, the small things, the chocolate chip cookies of life :)

And so, My Love, Michael, I say Happy Birthday! Happy 25th year of life, I look forward to spending the next 25 years of our lives together. No matter how many fights, how many tears, how many headaches, how many laughs, how many places we have to go for work, we will do it all together. I will honor you more than just on your birthday, I will love you like I am celebrating your birthday everyday. Thank God, you were born Michael, because a life without you, is not a life at all.
Happy Birthday!!!
P.s. I love you!
Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Michael...happy birthday to you!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Beds

So, I spoke earlier about Carolyn's transition into a toddler bed and I couldn't continue on without showing off the kids and their new beds. Grey has been transitioned into a new bed as well, a twin bed from my best bud Raylene. It was her son's old bed, which he rarely or more like never used, so she handed it on to Grey. He was so excited. "How did you make it bigger?" he asked. As well, his grand parents gave him a little tent to put over it, and he's been sleeping under since first getting the bed.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

In the Gang (August 21st, 2008)

So we finally were able to all go for a ride together. Myself, my husband, Joe, and Miss Raylene. The guys both have Roadstars and myself and Raylene have V-stars, which we love. And so, the trip started off with more than a hitch. Joe's bike was having issues with starting and I was feeling sick, throwing up and I had a back pain that just wouldn't quit. Yet, off we went. First, we headed into town so Joe could take care of the starting issue at the dealership where he bought his bike. It was only after the battery was jumped that we were all able to take off. It was mine and Raylene's first ride in "some what" heavy traffic. I was very nervous, upon feeling like crap, I had to maneuver through traffic as well. Oh boy! We, Raylene and I, did rather well though I think our brains went on auto pilot we were so nervous. I didn't stall out once. And so it was, Joe had a dying battery(duh), which seemed to be a no brainier to both the guys, but for some reason hadn't been caught in any of the three trips Joe took to remedy his bike's situation.
And so, we were off again, to the great city, which has the "Wizard of Oz" museum. (side note* tourist trap and should be avoided). We ate lunch at a great mom and pop resturant (yum, best fried chicken ever!), which I was surprised and happy that I was able to do. It meant my nerves were finally calming down and I was becoming more confident in my riding. Before, I wasn't able to eat before a ride, but now, I have no issues. After lunch Joe headed back to the dealership to get his new battery, which had been set up to charge. So off the three of us went to the local park where I was about ready to pass out. I was so tired and my back was feeling worse than ever yet I was gonna be darned if I was gonna leave my bike and go home any other way than behind my own controls. Despite the pain, the ride was wonderful (the company superb). It was nice to be able to ride with my husband and watch his happiness at being able to share his love of riding with others. Besides that, my husband is such a sweetheart to me. He did his best to take care of me the whole time we were on our ride.

I love the feeling of sharing riding with my husband. Course, he has been spoiling me rotten, meaning he had been wanting a certain bike for a year, and finally got one. I decided I wanted to ride and we bought a bike a month later (my beautiful v-star) and on top of that, he's been wanting me to get custom parts for my bike (how sweet is that). I'm so thrilled to have joined the select group of folks who know what it means to be behind the controls of a bike. Raylene and I tease when we see women on the back of bikes. I know, it's where you choose to ride, but nothing beats being able to move how and where you want to move. I love having the experience that I have had in learning, as much guff as I've dealt with (mostly my own confidence). In my first riding season I put on over 1000 miles and took at least three, nearly 200 mile trips. I've been having a blast and cannot wait to ride with my husband again. He makes me feel more confident as well as at ease when I ride with him. I know that if I need him, he'll be there to help me in a heartbeat, and he believes in me, which is something I really need every once in a while (okay, I won't like...all the time!).

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out of Bed

So Carolyn has been in a toddler bed for a week now. I figured it was finally time. She was likely ready a while ago, but with daddy coming home for R&R I wanted to have as little transitions all at once. I needed something to keep me busy the days after I had to give that wonderful man back to Uncle Sam. So I took to transitioning the crib, into the toddler bed. She wasn't sure what to think of her new bed. Furthermore, she wasn't even aware of the fact that she could even crawl out of it until a few days later. Once I found her beside the door sleeping on her monkey. Then the other night I heard Carolyn crying over the monitor. To my surprise, miss Carolyn was standing beside her bed, fully dressed in pjs, her bikini bathing suit bottoms up to her knees while the top was already around her chest, and her tennis shoes in hand. I told my husband of this and we both had a laugh together. After telling her that she had been crying, and that's what initially caught my attention, he asked why she had been crying. And before I could answer he ask, "cause she couldn't get her shoes on?" Yes, that's right, the little girl, with a shoe fetish, was crying because she couldn't get back into bed and put her shoes on. Ah, ain't motherhood grand and children so funny?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

He'll Carry Me

If this isn't a testament to my wonderful marriage then I don't know what is. You, my wonderful husband make me feel special and I know, you say it's because I am, but you have a way of really driving the point home. You kiss me, with folks all around, and I feel like we are the only two in the entire universe. You wink at me and I feel like I walking on clouds. You make me feel like a queen. Watching you leave my side, boarding the plane, made me feel like I was loosing a part of myself. I have never loved another human being like I love you (with respect to our children). I feel that you value me not just as your wife, but as a woman and as a mother. You make me feel like I am beautiful. I look at this photo above and think, "my God, he really loves me." Over the weeks you were home, I feel we bonded more than I could imagine. I didn't think it was possible to fall deeper in love with you, to feel any closer to you then I did and do right now. You are a smart, funny, sexy, loyal, driven, caring, compassion, fierce, and honorable and I am in awe that I am the woman you chose to spend the rest of your life with. I am the lucky woman you cared about since high school. I am the woman you chose to be the mother of your children. I am the wife and best friend you share your values with. You have my love from here until eternity. I trust you! I value you as more than just my husband, but my partner and my equal. I cannot beleive God has granted me, little ole me, the keeper of your heart. That God has chosen me to know the beauty of what a marriage can be.
So I say, start carving away at some wood to make those rocking chairs. When I get old, when I get "not so hot" we'll rock back and forth, laughing and talking. I'll look in your eyes and you'll wink at me. We'll sit together and enjoy the simple things in life. I love you Michael. You are my everything, you and our beautiful family give me such a purpose far beyond words could describe.
Love Your Wife,
It's You and Me For Life
**'ll never be rid of me

The V-Star

I think it's safe to say my husband got a kick out of me working on my own bike. Well, actually, even I did. So the changes on my bike were a lot less smooth going on than my husband's. It wasn't so much because of the ease, but because of incorrect or falty parts. First, the hubby took care of the oil filter relocation kit. Then I helped him with the new grips, which came with a molding issue, so our gracious neighbor smoothed it out with grinding down with his dremel*. Then, when we were ready for the glue, there was none.


The Roadstar

My husband started adding customs to his bike a while ago, meaning last year in 2007. The hyper charger show in the photo on the left was purchased last year in the summer before he headed up to Stergis. Yeah, that's right, he's already been to Stergis, the little snot. He added new grips and a throttle boss, as well as a few other customs. Anyway, here he working putting his new pipes on, a set of Dooleys. He had done a mod 3 on his factory pipes and it sounded pretty dern good, but it was the Dooley sound he was really looking forward to hearing.

So, the pipes finally came while the hubby was over in Iraq. He waited a year and a half to put them on his bike after we had originally ordered them, but we both decided after hearing them, that they were worth it. The sounds is very smooth, and though it has some volume to it, it's not overbearing in the slightest. Although not shown, he also lowered the saddle bags, which balanced the look out in the end quite nicely. Between the fat butt seat or rather, the Mustang seat with cushion for the passenger's tushie, the saddle bags at factory position, and the duel pipes, the end was what my husband and I joked as being "fat". I think it's safe to say that my husband loves his bike. I'm also so proud of him!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

They were together again!!!

I have more to add...we spoiled the bikes :) I wanted to detail the process of the work we did on our bikes, but I was unable to focus long enough on house work while my husband was home let alone sit at a computer inside while he was outside. No way, so I will best try to recall.

From Philosophy 101

There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything.

-Yamamoto Tsunetomo

I've Been Away, I Have A Good Reason

This is my reason for the lack of entries!!! I don't really have much to spill out right now. I just want to plaster the picture of myself and the love of my life wherever I can. My heart is broken yet again, but I am resolved, I will take away yet again another few lessons. I suppose I am working on patience yet again, which seems to be an on going lesson with me. Perhaps God knows something that I don't. Well, I am sure he knows quite a bit that I don't.

Until I return!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rough, Tough, and Tattooed

The Kiddos have a few temporary tattoos now. I put one on Grey and his little sister wanted one herself, so I found one for her too (his came from his school in their newsletter). It's some good ole washable fun for the kiddos. Besides, they're so dern cute, thinking "wow, I got a tattoo". Hmm, not sure how I should feel about that really. All well, as long as I apply with a wet washclothe, we're alright :)
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Little Miss Sweet and Sour (I simply couldn't resist)

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Had To Get In

It's the first post of August, and I thought I should sit down and write about life here in the big ole Midwest. I've been busy with school, trying to finish up with my current classes (economics and biology) and I've been busy with the daily activities of life (our beautiful children and housework). Soon our little boy will be heading off to his second year of preschool, and I'm both relieved and bummed I won't have him with me the whole day. He loves being in school, loves the social interactions is likely the more appropriate assumption. We headed out to the Western Parade in town a few days ago. Boy, was that the longest parade of my life, and the hottest. However, the kids made out like bandits in the candy department. They had a whole bag full like they had just come from trick o treating.

Then, today, we went to the beach. The kids love the beach. Our little girl is a dare devil and definitely a water baby. We tried out a new flotation device for her, a little swim suit with floatation devices embedded in it ( a gift from her grand parents...thanks!!). It worked fairly well, but seemed to bob her forward now and again. Don't worry folks, I tried my best to keep a grip on her, despite the fact she kept pushing my hand away. And Grey, he kept saying, "I love you mommy!", which I think means he loved going to the beach. :)

There were a few folks that were cursing a bit too loud and too for my taste, so I had to ask them (politely) not to curse so loud because I had kiddos with me. Of course they agreed and apologies, and followed up with their stupid comments as I walked away. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp, you don't curse like a moron in public. I mean, I guess if you wanna sound uneducated, okay, but yer sure not gonna do it in front of my children. Yeah, it's a big pet peeve of mine, cursing in front of children. Ugh, aggravates me. It's like..."Ah, got a litte stupid showing there!!!"

Any who, all in all we had a good day. The kids took their naps before going. Grey ended up not feeling well towards the end of the day and just wanted to go to bed when he got home (big shock!), I had to get him to take a short bath to clean up from the dirty lake water, which he wasn't too fond of, but all went well.

Side Note*
I miss you so much my love. You are the world to me and our two children!!! There is no place you are more meant to be then at home with us. You're gonna love being with us as I know we're gonna love having you home, in our daily lives.

Monday, July 28, 2008

This Song Makes Me Think of You

It's a good ole classic Elton John Song, but it fits perfectly:

I Guess That's Why They Call it The Blues

Don't wish it away
Don't look at it like it's forever
Between you and me I could honestly say
That things can only get better

And while I'm away
Dust out the demons inside
And it won't be long before you and me run
To the place in our hearts where we hide

And I guess that's why they call it the blues
Time on my hands could be time spent with you
Laughing like children, living like lovers
Rolling like thunder under the covers
And I guess that's why they call it the blues

Just stare into space
Picture my face in your hands
Live for each second without hesitation
And never forget I'm your man

Wait on me girl
Cry in the night if it helps
But more than ever I simply love you
More than I love life itself

* I am more in love with you than before you left. I love you, I love you, I love you, oh and I love you!!!

Around The World (okay, just the neighborhood)

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The kids and I have been pretty mellow lately, nothing too wonderful happening down here in the big town. I did have to show off our children's beautiful smiles. God, I love being a mommy, looking at those sweet innocent faces and knowing I get to be a part of that. The other day Carolyn

decided that she was going to splish splash in the toliet. I thought we were past that stage, but apparently, I was wrong. She got to the point where she comes to me when it's time to change her diaper (after asking her to come that is), but I take what I can get. Grey's been doing rather well with his irritations, meaning he doesn't throw as much of a fit after his sister takes his toys or wants to play with him. He started pulling the, "you just don't love me no more" bit, but we all the know the truth here. He even told Raylene that after she put him in time out. Now he's crawling around the house, being a dog again. He wanted to eat dinner like a dog, but I had to inform him that he must eat dinner like the little boy that he is.

Yesterday we had a thunder storm and Grey asked if daddy was going to shoot the thunder out of the sky. I thought that was so precious. It'll be great to see the excitment on their faces when they see daddy home. It'll be kept a secret until he actually gets here with us.

One of my favorite songs from Plumb, speaks to my heart whenever I hear this song.

Your baby blues, so full of wonder

Your curly cues, your contagious smile

And as I watch, you start to grow up

All I can do is hold you tight

Knowing clouds will rage in

Storms will race in

But you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down

Waves will crash all around

But you will be safe in my arms

StorybooksAre full of fairy tales

Of kings and queens

And the bluest skies

My heart is torn just in knowing

You'll someday see

The truth for lies

When the clouds will rage in

Storms will race in

But you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down

Waves will crash all around

But you will be safe in my arms

Castles they might crumble

Dreams may not come true

Cause you are never all alone

Cause I will always

Always love you

Hey I

Hey IWill love

Clouds will rage in

Storms will race in

But you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down

Waves will crash all around

But you will be safe in my arms

In my arms

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mini Cinderella

The other day our pretty little girl decided that she was going to clean the floor. All this started when she leaned over a touch too far and water spilled from her green water bottle. Our neighbor decided to teach our little girl the ethics of cleaning up a mess if you make it. It's all went great the first time, she took the paper towel, cleaned up the spilled water, and threw her paper towel in the trash. Well, she decided that it was fun, cleaning up water from the floor, so she tipped over her water bottle yet again and Raylene gave her another paper towel. It took about five minutes to get the paper towel back into the trash the second time around.

Hey, It Was a Good Ride

So nothing too new has been up in the great Midwest. Took the bike out the other day to practice some clutch work, and I'm thrilled at the results. I didn't stall out once! Okay, I lied, I stalled out in the driveway on the way back....half way up...cause I got all excited and ahead of myself. I headed out to practice near the local chocolate factory then decided to take a quick ride to the next town over. It was about ninety or so degrees, not too bad, but it was alright.

Now, to illustrate how human I am, I was heading back towards the house, and just about ready to turn onto the street I live down. Well, the wonderful county is digging up the sides of the road...plowing it or whatever it is they're doing, throwing dirt into the road. Well, me being the beginner I got nervous making the right turn onto my street, went too wide (turning on dirt freaks me out!!), and ended up in the culvert riding up over someones driveway. But no worries, I kept the bike upright and my wits about me. That's likely the reason I stalled out halfway up the drive. The bike is doing well, took my rowdiness like a champ. I know, I am so nervous about sharing that bit of dorky information, but I'm a beginner, and I am learning as I go along.

The thrill of riding hasn't reached its full potential for me yet. I'm so nervous when I get on my bike, wanting to do the best I can. I'm excited and so nervous to ride with my husband. Goodness...hope I don't look like a dork...okay, I'll look like a dork I am sure, but hope I do well.

Until then...the next ride is coming up in a few days. I cannot wait!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Funny Things I Get to Tell My Husband...

Yesterday Raylene came over to help rearrange the house, since the folks moved out. Grey told her that he wished he could have a tattoo like her, she has three total. Raylene wasn't so sure what to say.

On one arm she has a dragon and she was sitting on the floor, talking to our youngest. Then all of the sudden, Carolyn started growling at her arm. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. It was a deep, loud growl, something you wouldn't expect from a one year old. Ah, she's the comedian of the family.

These Shoes are Made For Living

"God will never give you more than you can handle", my best bud has said time and again when speaking about our hardships.

Through this long journey God has been leading me down, I've had my best bud right next door, lending me her ear when I need it. We've formed our own little "motorcycle gang" since we learned how to ride at the same time, literally, she let me borrow her bike to take the motorcycle endorsement test. I'm not gonna speak of the hardships bestowed upon me, cause I've learned by now, that I'm growing from them little by little. She's right, God won't give you more than you can handle.

Most folks don't know what life it like with a child with a disability, and most aren't even too familiar with Autism. Well, my best bud is, her youngest child has the disorder, a little boy who loves trains and dinosaurs. I've been roared at more times then I can count on my occasional visits, and I've probably spotted more trains and little dinosaurs in one square foot then I'll ever see the rest of my life. I can admit, that before meeting Raylene, people with disabilities was an area I was so unfamiliar with and uncomfortable. It's normal human nature to fear the unknown, but I can say, I'm not so scared anymore. Sure, there are things about her "little man" that I don't understand, but because of this opportunity, I've been given the chance to better my life. I get to experience things many other folks never will. I've told this to her time and again how grateful I am to have this experience to meet her son. She's dealt with headache after headache, but she'd do it all over again in a heartbeat if it means she's a mother to her little boy.

On top of this, she has two other children, who sometimes are more of a handful and fun than should be had. I'm proud of her, and though I'm grateful for the experience, I couldn't imagine trading places or being in her shoes for a day.

Without getting too sentimental, I'm just thankful fer the opportunities God has given me, getting the chance to be outside normal boundaries of life. (if there are such things) This evaluation sums up what I feel about my husband and the life I lead with him. It's terribly hard being without him, my children having to deal with just their mother (boring!!), but there again, I'm learning, and falling deeper in love with the man I married. And so I say to her, even though I can't imagine her headache "what if it all works out?" I'm here to help when I can with what I can.

I love yeah like a sister!!!

P.s. so in this motorcycle gang...should we get matching jackets...he he he? Sorry, couldn't help myself...can't wait to ride again!!!